Make it Monday – Drape Lapel Jacket

lapel copy

This pattern would require a bit of alteration to match the inspiration exactly. It was the closest I could find to the feeling of the original. I would have to add pockets and re-draft the front lapel to have the double drape. Those would not be difficult changes.

How exact should “inspired by” garments be?

Also, finding the exact fabric was impossible. Option One looks the closest but is very-lightweight so may require underlining to make it more of a jacket weight fabric. Option Two is closer to the composition of the original but the closest color I could find was the light gray. Perhaps the gray would actually be more useful? The light blue of the inspiration works almost like a neutral so either way would work, I think. The inspiration has hook and eye closures, not my favorite. The sewing pattern doesn’t have any closures which I actually prefer.

As for lining, the original has it but the sewing pattern is unlined. For a casual jacket I think unlined is fine but if I wanted this to be more of a suit jacket, as in the original, I would definitely add lining. That would be a great place to add some fun patterned fabric. It’s like a little secret only you know about!


Inspiration: “Drape Suit Jacket” from White House Black Market

Sewing Pattern:


Make it Monday – Dress like a Princess!

The second I saw Duchess Kate wearing this dress I knew I wanted it! But at $395 it was a *bit* out of my budget. So of course, the plan was to make one!



Inspiration: Duchess Kate wearing the Detroit Fitted Dress as seen on TLo.

Sewing Pattern: Butterick 5917, view A.

Fabric: Malibu Blue Stretch Cotton Twill from Mood Fabrics – $9.99/yd

My Version:

This was the closest matching pattern I could find to the original, and I’m sure it could be adapted to match the same neckline, but I rather liked the ruffles. Also, while I love the Blue of the original I had some “unknown” polyester blend suiting in my stash so I thought I better use that.

I used a lot of the techniques I learned from “The Couture Dress” with Susan Kahlje on, like underlining with organza and hand basting. I also ended up having to adjust the modesty panel after I had already sewn it in, which required me to re-attach the lining by hand. In the end, I think  it turned out pretty well.


Make it Monday – Peplum!

Sew Weekly used to run a column called “Make This Look” which I really liked. I have been pinning bunches of ideas for fashion lately, but since I can’t really afford the originals of many of these looks (think high end designer $$$) I keep thinking I should just make my own “inspired by” looks. So, in an effort to not just pin and to actually start some planning (which might at some point actually lead to making!), I’d like to try to periodically post my own version of the “Make This Look” column, which I think I will call “Make it Monday”.

Here’s my first outfit pick:

peplum copy
I’ve been seeing these peplum tops for a while and I think I’m finally coming around. I was worried at first that it would make me look preggers, but after seeing so many awesome versions I think I’m ready to try it!

What are your thoughts on the peplum trend?

I’m not sure if I’m stylish enough to pull this look off, but I sure want to be! I think if I paired it with some black pumps or, if I’m daring, some bright (not matching) heels this would look great. I really struggle with accessorizing and rarely wear jewelry but I think a top like this really does require a necklace…I’ll have to look into that.

JoAnn’s doesn’t have any upcoming Butterick or Vogue pattern sales, so I may have to wait a bit to actually get sewing but I could go ahead and purchase the fabric! Perhaps this would make a great mama Easter outfit? I’ll keep you posted!


Inspiration: From Krystal of This Time Tomorrow

Sewing Patterns:

Fabrics: (all from
For the top, I thought I might like something brighter that would contrast with the skirt. Also, since I think this would make a great spring look, I think a brighter top would be more in keeping with the season.

I thought I might like the skirt is something really fabulous, but not shiny, and when I found this Vintage Suede I knew it would be perfect! The texture from the faux suede will add just a little more interest to the already interesting skirt. I’m not sure about so much white on a skirt with the kids running around but, you gotta live a little, right?