Finger Paints

In preparing for Pre-School I was looking for a good finger paint recipe. I wanted something safe for the kids to be handling, so edible, although it didn’t necessarily have to taste good. I found a really great recipe that worked pretty well. I had Ben test it out.

At first he was a bit unsure of it.

And it felt a bit goopy on his hands.

But once he figured it out, he really liked it.

The “paint” itself was really easy to make and actually tasted kinda good – must be all the sugar in it. I think next time I’ll make a half or even quarter size batch and maybe cook it a bit longer so it’s thicker.

It made a lot! About 10 cups worth. It looks white to start but then you add food coloring to get any color you want. I stored it in small airtight containers for about 4 days and it was still usable. It was also very easy to clean up. Try it out!