Halloween Bats

Inspired by Dana at Made, I wanted to have bats too. So, I cut out a bunch on my Cricut and had Ben help me put them up.

Ben’s arrangement of the bats.

I adjusted them a bit after Ben was done. We just used cardstock, bending the wings forward a bit. I used regular scotch tape to attach them to the wall. Over the next week they would keep falling off. It gave Ben something to do.

Full view.

I finally had Troy put the shelves back up and put the rest of the Halloween decorations up. I still have to touch up the shelves, but it looks pretty good for now. Now, it’s time to switch into Thanksgiving.

Halloween Boo! Banner

I am thinking that I need to package my digital files to share with everyone. They’re already made…I might as well. So, I’m going to share some svg and scal2 files with you. (want to know what the difference is between svg and scal2…check back later this week. I’ll come back and link it up once I post.) Here’s the first of what I hope to be many.

Create a stylish Halloween bunting banner with this Boo! Banner Kit. Use your favorite Halloween Cardstock (or print some digital paper) and glue it all together. It’s so easy but will really wow everyone who sees this oh so pretty banner.

Tools Used
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Paper Trimmer
Single Hole Punch
Sure Cuts a Lot 2 Software
Cricut Expressions Machine

Paper Used
{Digital Paper} Summer Driggs, Fangs for the Memories, “WebPaper” (Printed on 3 sheets of 8.5”x11” white textured cardstock)
2 sheets 12”x12” White Cardstock
1 sheet of 12″x12″ Black Cardstock

Inks and Embellishments Used
Black Ink Pad
Brown Tulle
White Ribbon
Orange Ribbon

SVGs Used
2 Bracket Flag Banner Pennants
Boo for Banner
Ghost for Banner
or you could use the Scut2 file Boo Banner

There’s no need to re-size anything if you’re using scal2. Each shape will be imported at the proper size. Just import and cut! In case you need the sizes I used, here’s what I did.

SVG File Dimensions Paper Quantity
2 Bracket Flag Banner Pennants 9.53″ width Halloween patterned cardstock Cut 3 sets (6 total)
Boo 8″ height Black Cardstock Cut 1
Ghost 3.5″ height Black Cardstock Cut 1
Other Cuts
Accordian Flowers 2″ width White Cardstock Cut 10 strips (2 for each flower)

Remember, if you select the “maintain proportions” option in SCAL you won’t need both width/height dimensions. Just one will do.

Normally, this is where the instructions would go (maybe pictures, maybe a video?). For this one, my camera battery was dead and I was too anxious to get going on it. In the future, I’ll try to be a bit more prepared when crafting. 🙂 For now, if you have any questions on how to do any of this, post a comment or send me an email.

Design Tips
When printing out digital paper, I set my printer to “borderless”. Check to see if your printer can do that too. If not, you may need to move your svg/scal2 files a bit so they will cut on the printed paper.
I used Jamie Lane’s tutorial to make my accordion flower.
Ink the edges of your accordion flower “petals” after they are glued together (in sets of two) to make it look more antiqued.
I used the glue stick to attach my accordion flower strips together, but I chose to use hot glue in the centers (from the back) to hold it all together.
I used brown tulle because the store was out of brown. It looks good and I can use some the left overs for fall decorating.
I attached the banner to the shelves with small thumb tacks. Tape didn’t seem to work well for me.

I hope you enjoy using this banner for your Halloween decorating! I’ll be sharing some more holiday crafts soon!

(Did I use enough exclamation marks ?!!!? … it would seem that I’m a bit excited about this)

♥ Julliana

Hybrid * Recipe Cards * Freebie

My sister and I are throwing a shower for my other sister next week. The theme is recipes and we wanted everyone to bring a recipe as part of their gift. I decided to make up some basic recipe cards using my sister’s “colors” so they would match her kitchen. These were included with the invitation so her recipe box would be super cute!

They turned out so well I thought I’d share! I made these very basic so the focus is on the recipe. There is a “paper strip” on the left side and room for ingredients and directions. This time I didn’t include lines on the back (for longer recipes). I figure you could just write on the blank back side if you need more room – plus it saves on printing costs.

You could just type in your recipes and print these on your home computer a few to a page. I sent the file to my local copy shop and had them print up a bunch of each so I could give the leftovers as a gift to the bride.

Want to make your own? I’ve included my recipe cards along with a blank template so you can make your own in your own colors…or just print of mine, tie them in a bow and call it a gift!

Why is this hybrid? Well, because I can call it whatever I want! 🙂 No, really, I call it hybrid because I printed them and will write on them…I guess if you typed and printed you could call it fully digital – in the end does it matter? They are just cute cards…don’t over think it. 🙂


♥ Julliana

My New To Do List *Digi Freebie

I’m always making lists and have random post-its and scraps of paper all over the house. in an effort to organize everything onto one master list I’ve decided to make some daily lists to go on my fridge.

 Each day’s list was printed on a 5×7 photo an then laminated. I punched a hole in the top so I could use a binder ring and hook-magnet to attach to the fridge.

Each day has four categories – cleaning, to do, appointments, menu. This way I can keep all my lists together! The idea is to write on it with an overhead marker (which can be wiped off with a damp cloth). I printed up two weeks worth so I can plan ahead.

I wanted cute handwritten date titles, so I made some myself using Inkscape. I highly recommend this program as a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

Now you too can have my handmade date stamps:

♥ Julliana