A 20 minute scarf!

One my my accessories for the Spring Sudoku Wardrobe is an infinity scarf. The inspiration photo came from anthropologie and the scarf costs $58. No way man! I had searched high and low for the correct fabric that would match the two tops I’ve planned, but didn’t find anything I liked. Then, I had an epiphany…I could up-cycle something from the thrift store.

I was in search of either bedding, or curtains, or dresses that would have enough sheer-ish fabric in the colors I wanted. And I hit the jackpot!

I actually found two dresses but the other one wasn’t quite the right colors. The winner was a Lauren Conrad dress with a sheer overlay gathered skirt that only cost $5. Score!

This was so easy to make – its basically just a tube of fabric. The hardest part was figuring out how to turn the thing inside out! I ended up having to rip out a bit of serging near the button band edge and then stitch it again when pulled out through the button band. I decided to leave the button band in because it not only finished the edge but I think it adds a cute bit of detail.

This was a great quick project and really adds some color to any outfit. I’ll wear it doubled up as shown above and can see this working for a lot of items in my wardrobe throughout Spring. If only Spring would arrive, for real!


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