EOC Episode 8 – Ernie’s Cameo

Intro: Some holiday activities and lots of snow.



  • Polaire Tunic – design for KP IDP – KP Galileo in Valentine – US 3
  • Ribiera Cardigan – design for KP IDP – KP Andean Treasure in Embers Heather – US 4 – broke a needle!! 🙁
  • Dark and Stormy – by Baby Cocktails – KP Swish Worsted in Cobblestone Heather – US 7 and now US 8
  • Stocking – needs help. Come tell me how to fix it.
  • Should we KAL? 
  • KP Stroll Fingering, one of Mustard, one of Basalt Heather – originally planned for Double Helix – what should I make with it?
  • KP Gloss Lace – Sterling – for a Jeweled Cowl
  • KP Swish Worsted – Cobblestone Heather
  • KP Shadow Lace – Basalt Heather and Vineyard Heather – for an Ombre Cardigan
Tree skirt is in progress.
Painted the Playroom Green!

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