EOC Episode 1 – Welcome to the Crazy!

I am now podcasting! It took me forever to figure out how to create/upload the video file…hope next time it goes much smoother!

I love to listen and watch so I thought I’d contribute too. Check out the crazy and distracted me below. It’s quite long, but I think it turned out okay. Next time should be better.

You can also check it out on blip.tv/eoc or subscribe over on itunes (soon).

Show Notes:

Knitting: (see my Ravelry projects page for more info)

  • Haubergeon Pullover – my design – KnitPicks Stroll Sport, Navy.
  • Crooked Paths – Melissa LaBarre – Madeline Tosh Vintage, Corsage
  • Dark and Stormy – Thea Coleman – KnitPicks Stroll Worsted, Cobblestone Heather
  • Buttercup – Heidi Kirrmaier – Naturally Caron Spa, Ocean Spray


  • Drawstring Bag from my pattern/tutorial
  • Wesley’s Romper – Sew Beautiful Magazine, #70 and #71
  • Best Witches – Shepherd’s Bush Printworks – shepherdsbush.net
  • Three Kings and Bethlehem – by Diane Arthurs – www.imaginating.com

Home Improvement:

  • What a dump – about our house.
  • Landscaping Project details.

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